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  1. A word of caution when using battery testers

  2. Can I order and pay later?

  3. Can I pay by cheque or money order?

  4. Can I pay by credit card or PayPal?

  5. Can I put batteries in the drying kit?

  6. Can I put my batteries in my pocket or wallet?

  7. Can I recharge the Dry-Brik in the oven?

  8. Can I send my credit card details via email?

  9. Can I use another brand of battery in my hearing aid?

  10. Can I use my hearing aid before the 8-hour drying cycle is finished?

  11. Can I use the Cedis Drying Capsules in my Dry & Store?

  12. Can my order be posted to a different address?

  13. Can you tell me more about battery safety?

  14. Do I have to register before ordering online?

  15. Do you deliver internationally?

  16. Do you sell rechargeable hearing aid batteries?

  17. Does HABEX sell rechargeable cochlear implant batteries?

  18. Does the Dry-Brik eliminate odours?

  19. Does the UV lamp damage the BTE tubes?

  20. How do I know when the batteries are flat?

  21. How do I know when the batteries are flat?

  22. How do I retrieve my password?

  23. How is the Dry-Brik activated?

  24. How long will it take to receive my order?

  25. How long will my battery last in my hearing aid?

  26. How long will the batteries last?

  27. I am about to be ‘switched on'. Do I need to buy batteries now?

  28. I made a mistake with my order, can I change it?

  29. Insurance for Cochlear Implant Processors

  30. Insurance for Hearing Aids

  31. Is it important to replace the Dry-Brik every two months?

  32. Is there Goods & Services Tax (GST) on batteries?

  33. Postage Fee and Shipping Times

  34. Recharging the Metal Can Desiccant

  35. Should I try the battery trial pack?

  36. Should I try the battery trial pack?

  37. What do I do if I'm having trouble ordering on line?

  38. What do the colour tabs and codes mean?

  39. What is a zinc-air battery?

  40. What is the difference between cochlear and hearing aid batteries?

  41. What is the shelf-life of the Dry-Brik?

  42. Where is my invoice?

  43. Where should I store my batteries?

  44. Which desiccant is for me?

  45. Which drying kit is for me?

  46. Which size battery is for my hearing aid?

  47. Why does the battery go flat so fast?

  48. Why is mercury used in hearing aid batteries?

  49. Why is there a tab on zinc-air batteries?

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