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Recharging the Metal Can Desiccant

As moisture is adsorbed by the desiccant, the crystals will change from orange to green. A green colour signals that the desiccant can no longer adsorb moisture and must be recharged. (If you have an older style can desiccant, the color change may be from blue to pink instead of orange to green.)

Whichever colour desiccant you are using, proper function can be restored by placing the metal can desiccant in an oven for two (2) hours or more at a temperature of 105°-150°C (225°- 300°F). The colour will change back to orange. Repeat as necessary. The metal canister will be hot when it is removed from the oven, so caution should be used to avoid burns.

Do NOT bake the desiccant at more than 150°C (300°F).  The crystals will turn brown or black and will no longer be effective. This will not be covered under warranty. The only solution is to purchase a new desiccant.

Allow the can to cool before it is placed in your Dry & Store appliance. Best results will occur if the can is covered during the cooling period; a drinking glass or pan lid works well. After recharging and cooling, the crystals will be orange.

WARNING: Use care when removing the metal desiccant can from the oven. Allow it to cool under cover before handling. Never place metal in a microwave oven!

The frequency of metal can desiccant recharging will vary according to several factors, such as season, geographic location, local climate/weather conditions, and the activity/perspiration level of the user. Check the colour of the desiccant crystals before each use, and recharge as needed. Do not operate a Dry & Store appliance without a properly positioned desiccant.

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