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What do the colour tabs and codes mean?

Different hearing aids use different size batteries.  The four standard sizes of hearing aid batteries are size 10, 13, 312 and 675.

There are a number of ways you can identify the size of the hearing aid battery you require.  The most popular are either the numerical code or the colour code.

The battery size number is usually located in a corner on the front or back of the packaging.  Depending on the brand, the size number (10, 13, 312 or 675) may have a letter before or after it.  Some manufacturers include letters with the size number (for example: R675MF, 10DS, P13, A312).

Click here for the cross reference chart.  Please be careful not to confuse the battery size with the “use by” date or the batch number.

A colour code is also used to identify each of the four battery sizes.  The table below illustrates the colour which corresponds to the battery size.


IEC Code





Size 10




Size 13




Size 312




Size 675

The colour-code will appear on the packaging.  Most manufacturers also colour-code the pull-off tabs on the battery.

The least common way to identify the battery size is by using the IEC Code which is generally located on the back of the packet.  This refers to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) which sets standards for the size of batteries.  See the above table for the IEC Code which corresponds to battery size.

Manufacturers have different battery quality and performance, however, the specifications of the battery will comply with the IEC standards. For example, the size 312 battery by different manufacturers will fit in hearing aids designed to use the size 312 battery.

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