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Postage Fee and Shipping Times


In order to provide a competitive net price for our products, we need to charge a postage and handling fee. Our postage fee structure is designed to benefit customers who order more items.

Customers have the opportunity to select the shipping service prior to paying for their order. Our minimum freight/handling charges are outlined below.

The majority of orders are packed into padded Jiffy bags for strength and protection (during transit and from the weather). Satchels or boxes may be used for bulky or larger orders.

All orders are dispatched from our Sydney office at the close of each business day.


Domestic Postage & Handling Fees

Rates are calculated according to the quantity of batteries selected due to postage being based on weight.

We have kept our domestic fees unchanged since 1 July 2009 despite sizeable increases in Australia Post’s fees over the years.

The prices for hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries exclude postage. The postage fee is listed below.

The prices for accessories and drying kits include free standard postage. Express post is an optional extra. The price of postage will be determined at the checkout as this depends on what other products you may have purchased.

No. of Battery Packets Purchased Standard Post Express Post

1 to 6 packets

$3.00 $6.00

7 to 12 packets

$4.00 $6.00

13 to 20 packets

$5.00 $10.00

21 to 30 packets

$6.00 $10.00

31 to 40 packets

$8.00 $15.00

41 or more packets

$10.00 $20.00

When will your order arrive?

Posted for delivery Estimated delivery by(business days)

Within Sydney

1 to 2 days

Between metropolitan areas and country locations

2 to 3 days

Standard Post Deliveries Outside NSW:

Posted for delivery Estimated delivery by(business days)

Between metropolitan areas of capital cities

2 to 3 days

Between metropolitan areas of capital cities and country locations

3 to 4 days

Express Post delivery timeframes within Australia:

Delivered by Australia Post to postcodes within the "Next Business Day" network the day after lodgement. This includes the capital cities and major regional centres. Only Perth CBD is included in the "Next Business Day" network.

Delivery to postcodes outside the "Next Business Day" network will be delivered two days after lodgement.

Please visit the Australia Post website to determine if your postcode is within the National Express Post Network or NSW Network.



Actual delivery times outside Australia times will take longer. Overseas orders may encounter additional delays may occur during the customs entry process for goods entering your country. Overall, we have an extremely high reliability rate for the delivery of international parcels.  We would appreciate you advising us when your package has arrived as this is useful feedback.

No. of Packets New Zealand Asia / Pacific Canada / USA Europe / UK


Air Mail


AUD4.00 AUD10.00 AUD11.00 AUD13.00


AUD5.00 AUD17.00 AUD19.00 AUD22.00


AUD6.00 AUD19.00 AUD21.00 AUD24.00


AUD8.00 AUD26.00 AUD29.00 AUD34.00


AUD10.00 AUD31.00 AUD35.00 AUD42.00


Express Courier International (ECI)


AUD38.00 AUD41.00 AUD45.00 AUD46.00


AUD40.00 AUD43.00 AUD47.00 AUD49.00


AUD42.00 AUD45.00 AUD49.00 AUD51.00


AUD49.00 AUD54.00 AUD59.00 AUD62.00


AUD50.00 AUD55.00 AUD60.00 AUD63.00

Overseas delivery method Description

Air Mail

The standard service accommodating letters and parcels up to 20kg, which can be relied on to deliver your items to virtually any address in the world.

Reliable delivery within 3 to 10 working days (depending on destination).

A less expensive option if delivery is not urgent.

Tracking not available for Air Mail.

Express Courier International(ECI)

A reliable international courier service.

Door-to-door delivery of goods within 2 to 4 business days between metropolitan areas of major cities.

Parcel tracking for most destinations.

Signed delivery at most destinations.

Considerably more expensive that Air Mail. Most customers use Air Mail, but may use ECI in the event of an urgent delivery or increased security.

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