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Why is there a tab on zinc-air batteries?

Zinc-air batteries use the air outside the battery as a source of power.

Manufacturers apply tabs over the air holes to seal out the air and ensure freshness until you are ready to use the battery.

Always leave the peel-off tab on your zinc-air batteries until you are ready to use them in your hearing aid or cochlear implant. If you use a key-ring battery holder, keep the peel-off tab on the zinc-air batteries.

To activate the battery simply remove the tab before inserting into the battery compartment of your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor.

The tab on zinc-air batteries can be affected by heat – the gum which sticks the tab becomes warm and is more likely to come off easily. Once it comes loose the battery will become active and will lose all charge within a month. This is also likely to happen with to batteries stored in cold places such as the fridge – the moisture affects the gum and weakens the bond. The ideal place to store zinc-air batteries is at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

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