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Can I use the Cedis Drying Capsules in my Dry & Store?

The Cedis Drying Capsules will fit in the Dry & Store drying kits (Global, Global II, Zephyr or Dry Caddy).

However, they are not as absorbent as the Dry Briks or the Dry Caddy Discs and will not provide an effective drying solution. The Cedis Drying Capsule is best suited in a drying bag or small container with very little air inside.

For these reasons, the Cedis Drying Capsules are not recommended for the Dry & Store drying kits.

The Dry Brik II was specifically developed to maximise absorbency for Global / Global II / Zephyr drying kit. Similarly, the Dry Disc was developed for maximum absorbency in a passive drying kit (i.e. no moving air).

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